In the next days I will go as attendee and one of the Diamond Sponsor at the most important conference in Europe about collaboration: European Collaboration Summit. I will try to record some videos and podcasts from there with my stuff. Maybe, if I have a good connection, I will try to do a live on Twitch. This is why I will bring with me all the things in the list below.

In my bag

  • My Microsoft Surface Book 2 with my Logitech MX Master and the Surface Pen. It's perfect to take handwritten notes during the awesome sessions. I use also my Surface as primary device to do some live on Twitch during the days of the conference
  • my main USB Microphone: it's perfect to record a podcast episode or for Twitch
  • The Surface Headphones is good if I have to do some call with the customers during the event or if need to work some hours with no distractions
  • My iPad. I will use this device to record some videos. I have also an additional microphone in the metal box.
  • A big tripod. It's useful to record some videos with my iPad and also if I need to find a good position for the webcam for Twitch.
  • My Garmin 920xt is always on my wrist. This time I don't have a gym in the hotel. Maybe I will rest for two days.
  • Logitech C920 Webcam: it's my main webcam at home for Twitch or calls with Skype and Teams. I will use this device also for a remote live coding streaming or to record videos.
  • 40000mAh Powerbank. All day at the event, some photos and video. I need a lot of battery power with me.
  • cables, cables, cables: I have some cables and some adapters in my two "little" bag. I use the metal one with my streaming and recording stuff. I try this setup for the first time but I have my stuff well organized in my bag.
  • Sony a290. It's my old reflex. I am not a great photographer, but I want to learn to take some good photo with that.
  • Moza Gymbal: this is a new entry! If I want to do good videos, I need more quality. This is the reason why I have this geek thing. :)


If you want to know something I forgot here, don't hesitate to contact me at my AMA repository on GitHub: