The developer is not easy job. You have to remain focused for many hours or you can risk to loose some hours to review the work from the hours before.

Something that can help a lot to keep your concentration for long time is the music. But not all kind of music. To remain focused you need to listen music without (or at least, less as possible) vocals.

At the moment I have some playlists on my Spotify that I use every day at work. I try to explain the difference and when I use them.



This is one of my first playlist that I discovered when I learned how to work "in the zone". I love this kind of music. One of the most famous song of this genre is "Massive Attack - Angel". You can find it in the Matrix movie, for example. I use this playlist when I want to work relaxed and often in the morning. {% spotify spotify:user:jmiyun:playlist:3CmF38ZPAW670fLGaE1rMR %}


I discovered this genre a few months ago and I felt in love with it after five minutes. I use this kind of music when I have to remain focused for several hours without a break. I have these playlist in my Spotify account and the first one is my favourite. {% spotify spotify:user:uerwol:playlist:3u4OyWTr9fTnboGFAt38FU %} {% spotify spotify:user:newretrowave:playlist:3IljEa3IvyeogI4O9iCVjV %} {% spotify spotify:user:spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1DXdLEN7aqioXM %} {% spotify spotify:user:newretrowave:playlist:3SA018Uo3yhzvQocaF02MV %} {% spotify spotify:user:spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1DX6GJXiuZRisr %}

Music while I stream on Twitch

Since almost one year I stream on Twitch for some live coding session. For the streaming session I don't use a specific kind of music, but some lofi and chillpop music. Some of this playlist are royalty free and you can use them without any problem during the gaming or live coding stream. {% spotify spotify:user:chillhopmusic:playlist:74sUjcvpGfdOvCHvgzNEDO %} {% spotify spotify:user:chillhopmusic:playlist:1eg5KRKkVoBcH1aawvIDfH %} {% spotify spotify:user:chillhopmusic:playlist:0CFuMybe6s77w6QQrJjW7d %} {% spotify spotify:user:chillhopmusic:playlist:5eDufIy8WtiArgp9aPd9su %} {% spotify spotify:user:chillhopmusic:playlist:3k2cHRrJFgBkesKivMG9sF %}