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April 11, 2022

I know a lot of people who bought the Logitech Brio 4k both to use it for meetings and to use it to make video content.

However, I hear from many of them that they are not happy with the image quality. I try to share my webcam settings to help the other users to obtain the maximum performances from this awesome webcam.


First of all I reccomend to you to download the official software from Logitech, it's called: Logitune


With this software you can control everything on your webcam and you can change every settings of the Brio webcam, directly from the taskbar.


By default, Logitune, sets everything to "Auto". These settings work only if you have a perfect light in the room, perfect colors behind you and much more.

From the main window of Logitune, select your Webcam and change the "Field of View" to 90. I use the "Autofocus" enabled.

Logitune First Screen

Click on "Color Adjustment" and then on the "Adjustments" tab. I use the default value for the "Auto exposure" but I have remove the "Auto white balance" because it is one the reason of the lower quality of the images.

I set the "White balance" to "4000" but this value depends on your light in the room and what you have behind you.

I have changed all the values of the others sliders as in the image below.

Color Adjustments

Try to play around with your Sharpness and Contrast settings and enjoy the new quality image.

The result

This is a picture of my result with the settings above. It's not a 4k image, but I think you can appreciate the quality and first of all the depth of the colors and of the the objects behind me.

picture with Logitech Brio 4k

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