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September 7, 2022

To always have the development machine fast and clean, I started a new routine on monday morning: I clean up my machine from unuseful folders and files. As a .NET developer, I have a lot of bin and obj files in my source directory. For me is: D:_GITHUB_ and D:_DEVOPS_. I have two separate folders for GitHub and Azure DevOps. It's not easy to go through all the subfolders and remove the bin and obj folders manually. This is why I have created a script to do that:

Get-ChildItem .\ -include bin,obj -Recurse | foreach ($_) { remove-item $_.fullname -Force -Recurse }

Launch this command only in your root source directory!

But this is not the only folder that uses a lot of space in your hard disk. There is another one and it's the NuGet cache folder. For me, more or less, it's 10GB. I don't have a script for this folder, because I don't erase this one every week and I do it manually. You can easily find the folder with the following path:

C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\.nuget Just copy and paste the path in File Explorer.

NuGet Packages folder

As I mentioned in the title, these tips are for a .NET Developer, but I use very often React for the frontend projects at work. So, I have another script for removing all the node_modules from the root source directory. I don't use the same script because this script is much slower than the other one.

Get-ChildItem .\ -include node_modules -Recurse | foreach ($_) { remove-item $_.fullname -Force -Recurse }

Have a nice clean up scripting routine!

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