Hackathon - Hack Together: Microsoft Graph and .NET 🦒 - Submission Day!


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March 15, 2023

This morning I received the email with the submission reminder! In the last few days I didn't have too much time to work on the project. I had other priorities at work and I didn't work on as much as I want. It doesn't matter because it's an Hackathon just for fun.

By the way I created the issue on the official repository.

{% embed https://github.com/microsoft/hack-together/issues/195 %}

At the moment there are 195 project in the list!

Hackathon - Hack Together

The next steps

I submitted the project for the hackathon but in the next days/weeks I will work on the project again to improve the UI and the usability. I would like to use the application for my purpose and I will share the solution to my colleagues as well.

Happy hackathon!

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