Increasing the productivity with the same theme for Visual Studio 2022, Visual Studio Code and Rider


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March 22, 2022

During my daily work I use, mainly, Visual Studio 2022. Since September 2021, Visual Studio has a good support for themes: read the announcement

However, it happens that I also have to work on frontend projects or some scripts for some of my colleagues.

For this reason I use Visual Studio Code for few hours each day.

But that's not all.

Basically I am a Full Stack Web Developer and some years ago I have found a good way to be more productive usin JetBrains Rider. Why? Because in the same IDE I have the power of a good engine refactory and intellisense and the power of good environment to write and debug code for Frontend (in my case React & TypeScript).

Before this way of work, I use Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code open on the same PC, but you waste a lot of time to switch from one project to another.

But with three IDE, I have found a new problem. Each IDE has different fonts, colors and other UI stuff. After a while I felt tired and my brain took a while to understand what environment I was in.

Finally I found the solution and it's called One Dark Pro.

Image description

I use the same theme for all IDEs on my machine and the same font as well (Cascadia Code).

You can find the Visual Studio theme here: One Dark Pro Visual Studio Code theme: One Dark Pro Rider theme: One Dark Pro

In the image above you can see a preview of my three IDEs side by side. It looks like we're inside the same application.

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