readme-generator: a global dotnet tool for your next project




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March 7, 2022

How many hours or minutes do you spend to create a new Readme for a project? I think too much or too less. A good Readme file for a project it's a like a business card of you and for you have built.

The last week I spent few hours to create a tool for creating a really simple README file directly from your machine. It's a dotnet tool that you can install from NuGet.



Install readme-generator with NuGet as global tool

  dotnet tool install --global readme-generator

How to use it

As a global dotnet tool, after the installation, you can launch the tool with the following command:



The tool is opensource and contributing is really welcome to add some parts on the markdown file. :)

{% embed https://github.com/kasuken/readme-generator %}

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