Today I received my HacktoberFest 2021 SWAGS!




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February 20, 2022

Finally I received the swags from my last Hacktoberfest!

There are a lot of cool things inside! First of all a t-shirt with the logo of the Hacktoberfest and the logos of the sponsors. I will be proud to wear it during the events as a speaker and at work. :)

In addition there are a lot of cool stickers for my private laptop. I use it for events and my side projects and I will be very happy to show them on my pc to the crowd and my friends. Especially the sticker with the Hacktoberfest logo :)

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Can't wait to partecipate to the next one in October 2022!

Note: tomorrow I will go to the office for a meeting with my team and I will wear it!

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