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June 10, 2022

I have many habits during the day, and the most important of all is my morning routine. As you see below I use Microsoft ToDo to remind me what I need to do each morning and one of the steps I need to do is to update my local GitHub repositories. I have many of that and of course it's not possible to do it manually.

Microsoft ToDo

This is the reason why I have created a PowerShell script that works for me. You can copy my code and put the script in the main folder of your GitHub repositories and launch it from the command line. It takes more or less 3-5 minutes (but it depends on how many repositories you have locally).

{% embed https://gist.github.com/kasuken/e128dc563005d13a5065d1d98162eef6 %}

As you can see in the script, I use the command "git fetch prune". This command helps to stay with clean branches and folders. You can learn more on this topic at this link.

In the video below you can see the script running on my machine.


Feel free to share your feedback or make some changes to the script.

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