Week 0025


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August 28, 2022


I started the morning very early because I have a lot of stuff today today. My first project of the day has been: my second brain template for Notion. I finished all the tasks related the configuration of the template. I did a kind of merge of the template I am using during the day and the template that I would like to sell to everyone.


This is the link of the product page on Gumroad: https://emanuelebartolesi.gumroad.com/l/digitalgardenv1/devtoweekly

With this link you have the 50% discount!

Mood: 🙂


I woke up very early to work on Red Origin installation scripts & manual. Finally, after two hours of tests, I found the issue about the access to the keyvault with the managed identity of the Azure App Service. We have configured the role of the App Service as Key Vault Officer but this role can access the key vault secrets but not their content. The right role is Key Vault Secrets User. This user can access the content of all the keys.

In the afternoon I had some free time and an idea came to my mind about the Dev.to hackathon for Redis: an image placeholder. I implemented the first version of the solution in about one hour of work. It’s a Blazor WASM project with an API as backend. It’s very simple but it works. Tomorrow I will add the Redis Cache implementation and the solution is ready for the production environment.

The source code of the project is here: https://github.com/kasuken/Placify

In the late evening I finalized the document with all the installation steps for Red Origin.

Mood: 🙂


Today I posted my submission to the Redis Hackathon on DevTo.


This is the post submission for a regular entry in the participants list: https://dev.to/kasuken/redis-hackathon-placify-56m0

For the rest of the day, I worked on Red Origin. 🙂

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Started to work on the bugs of Red Origin. I rearranged all my activities for Red Origin on Azure DevOps and planned some activities for the next couple of weeks.

Mood: 🧙‍♂️


I spent the day to rearrange all the bugs for Red Origin (more or less 90) on Azure DevOps. I tried to import all the bugs from Excel to DevOps…and next week I will publish a blog post about it.

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