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September 19, 2022


In the morning I worked on Red Origin. Some annoying activities on bugs and the afternoon I was in vacation. It was an half day of national vacation in Switzerland.

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I spent the day in the office with a colleague of mine. We work on Red Origin for finding a new way to organize the activities, starting from the DevOps organization. After that I started to work on the License check service for Red Origin. A few months ago I have created a very easy license system to manage all the licenses for our products. I did some changes on it to have a better implementation on Red Origin.

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At the beginning of the morning, I worked on the License check for Red Origin. I have implemented the logic from yesterday in a specific Blazor component in my project. It works very well and I will release this feature in the next release (on Friday).

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I started the morning doing a big refactory in Red Origin because during the debugging sessions I saw a lot of part with a lot of technical debit. This is why I am retesting more or less everything.

I wrote a blog post about a new that I found to speed up my development flow during the day.


This is the link of the post: https://dev.to/kasuken/open-edge-developer-tools-automatically-by-launching-debug-with-visual-studio-2022-54og

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In the morning I worked on Red Origin. I spent a lot of time to solving bugs and made some refactoring of the code. I refactored especially the backend. Now the code is more safe than before.

After lunch I worked on a side project (for a side business) that I have with a friend of mine. I will share more information in the next few weeks. Now we are in a kind of embargo. By the way, I worked on an Azure Function that will import all the data from the Graph API reports into several Azure Tables. Luckily we have a large tenant where we can test these operations because I found a lot of exceptions to manage. Especially on the running timeout of the Azure Function. I needed to migrate to an Azure Function with a App Service Plan because I can use the timeout until one hour instead of 10 minutes. I published everything in our development environment on Azure and I will monitor the situation in the next few days.

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