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March 1, 2022


Today, with my team, we went all together in Bern for our Monthly Breakfast Day. We spent the morning in a restaurant for the breakfast and then we had a good meeting about the team and the status of our projects.


I worked very hard on our product called “Red Origin”. We are close to the first release in production for our first customer. I struggled a lot with Entity Framework because in these days I changed a lot of entities in our project and sometimes EF was not able to change the database directly and I have to recreate a new one from scratch. It’s annoying.


In the morning I worked on Red Origin, as always, and in the afternoon I arranged some slides for my first event for Azure DevOps Community in Zurich.

I talked about one of my favorite topic in the last few years: GitHub Codespaces.

At 18, I started with the live event.

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In the morning I did a presentation of Red Origin to a new potential customer. It went very well and I think they should be another customer in the future. In the afternoon I delivered a live session with Diana Bernabei about the Accessibility of the web application.


In the afternoon I posted on my blog about deleting all tables from an Azure SQL Database, created by EF: https://dev.to/kasuken/drop-all-tables-and-reset-an-azure-sql-database-59oo

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Friday was a very long day. I started to work very early in the morning because it was the release day! Every time I am wondering why release a product is very hard. At the beginning everything works fine, but the very hard part is the last mile. By the way we released the version 5.0 (and I have a plan to release an update at the beginning of the next week). A colleague of mine helped me a lot to find bugs (especially in the UI). As a developer I didn’t see a lot of them, even they were very clear. At lunch I delivered another session about GitHub Codespaces. I enjoyed the session a lot and it was the first time for me to collaborate with the Austrian Developer Community.

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