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April 30, 2022


Started the morning with our Monthly Breakfast meeting but this time just only because, here in Zurich, the afternoon was off.

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There is a traditional festival to say hello to the winter 🙂



In the afternoon I received all the information about The Auth0 Ambassador program and I read a lot of documentation, downloaded logos and stuff like that.

Tomorrow I will announced everything on my socials.

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I spent the early morning to setup a demo with a customer. I did a prototype for my next product and we did a call with the our first customer.

I will stream about the new product, tomorrow on my twitch channel.

After work, I blogged about "How to take awesome screenshots of Azure Portal with Edge”.

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A little bit after I posted the article on my blog, I received a great email with the subject “Learning GitHub | Approved and Ready to Contract 🎉” 🙂

So, now it’s official... I am LinkedIn Instructor!

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I have worked on Network Guardian. Still fighting with SignalR time to time.

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In the morning I went live on Twitch for my co-working streaming. Just some experiments with my new prototype Network Guardian.

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In the afternoon I still worked on Network Guardian and I think I am almost ready for the first alpha in a few days.

I also had a call with the legal department to talk about the Red Origin License. This part of developing products is always a pain 😃

In the evening, I worked on my opensource project called “QEI”. It’s a key-value database accessible by an API (ASP.NET Core and Azure Storage). It works but tomorrow I will migrate everything to a Minimal API. At the moment it used a standard controllers architecture.

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I started the morning with a lot of ideas for Network Guardian, but I didn’t want to change the architecture of the product in this moment. Let’s see in the next weeks.

I posted a new blog post for the series “hidden gems in Visual Studio 2022”

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In the middle of the morning I did a call for Oscar with a potential new contact and investor. 🙂

After lunch I defined my 2/3 goals for the next quarter: one is “become a Microsoft Certified Trainer”.

Signed the contract for LinkedIn and some other administrative stuff. ☹️

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