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May 9, 2022


Today is the office day! So, I met my colleagues in our office. It’s always fun!

I worked on Network Guardian in the morning and after lunch I did a meeting with my colleague about a new “Security Toolbox” for Microsoft365. It’s a kind of PowerShell Script swiss-knife to manage the Microsoft 365 Policies (at the moment).

It will be opensource on GitHub.

In the afternoon I booked a call with my team about an internal demo of “Network Guardian”, the next Monday morning at 9:00.

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This morning I woke up early because my son disturbed me in the bed and for the first hours of work I was very tired. At the beginning I worked on Network Guardian and I had a call about Oscar project.

In the afternoon I hosted the second episode of “GitHub Stories”. This is the last one in italian, I think :)

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Today the guest was Gabriele, another GitHub Star ⭐.

After dinner I continued to work on Network Guardian. I solved two or three pending issues about the communication with the agents and SignalR. Now it works. Tomorrow I will work on some details but I am almost ready for the demo on Monday.

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In the very end of the day, I studied a lot about the Microsoft AZ-204 Certification.

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I woke very early because I needed time to study for the exam AZ-204. I did come practical tests and every time I did not pass ☹️

By the way, at 9:30 I started the exam and in less the 1 hour and half I passed the Microsoft AZ-204 exam!!!

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Now I have all the requirements to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

In the afternoon I worked a little bit for Oscar. I created two new sections in our web application. We need it for the demos with the accelerators and advisors.

Later I still worked on Network Guardian.

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Nothing special, just work work work.

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In the evening I went out for a dinner with my new friends: Codemotion Ambassadors. But a lot of them (and also me) invited other friends to the dinner. The result was a dinner with old and new friends from the community. AFTER TWO YEARS! I totally missed this feeling!!!

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Can't wait to meet them (and the other communities) again!

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