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May 14, 2022


In the morning I did an internal demo about “Network Guardian” and I received a lot of feedbacks from my colleagues. I added them to my backlog.

Before lunch I went to the office.

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Woke up very very early for taking the train to Bern. It’s the Azure Bootcamp day.

It was amazing to came back at an event in person and met a lot of good guys. It was one of my first time at an event just as an attendee and it was strange 😀

During one of the last sessions of the day, we had presented our product called “Red Origin” in public.

This is the official tweet: https://twitter.com/kasuken/status/1524634118394454022?s=20&t=6ERpnxKpRdm-_Rbik-_D-A

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I worked on “Network Guardian”, nothing special.

In the late evening I started to study Azure PlayFab: a service to add a lot of stuff to the games. I am using Notion to take notes and to create a knowledge base for the future. This is the link of my Commonplace book section about PlayFab: https://humble-split-b30.notion.site/Azure-PlayFab-4dd9532d5f3e49d3bea24b27bf999df5

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A busy day at work and struggled with Groups in SignalR.

I learnt a lot about them. I think I will write some posts about SignalR and Blazor.

In the very late evening I participated to the Auth0 Ambassador onboarding program. Yes, I am an Auth0 Ambassador since a few weeks. 😊 On monday I will share some details in a blog post!

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I added a few features on Network Guardian. One is a page to see how is going the collection data operation. In this view you can see the changes of the json in real time. It should be useful for the admin. On monday I will show this feature to my team.

During my break I have completed the Bootstrap 5 section in my commonplace book. This is the direct link to this section → https://humble-split-b30.notion.site/Bootstrap-5-07aa8155d1f747fe818c4c09b20a81fd

In the afternoon I published a new post about Azure and Visual Studio.

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With this post I achieved a super goal for my blog: 16 week streak! It means that I wrote at least one post each week for 4 months!!!

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