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May 29, 2022


Started the morning with our bi-weekly call with the team to share some updates to each others. I showed our Docusaurus website for our products and I invited my colleagues to collaborate on it. After the meeting I did a demo with a customer for Red Origin. I didn’t work to Red Origin for a while and now I missed it. I will start to work on it this week. Can’t wait.

In the afternoon I did a lot of tests with Network Guardian and, of course, I fixed a lot of minor bugs. The tests take a lot of hours and it’s not easy to debug, start again, debug and repeat.

In the late afternoon I was invited for a show called “120:22” and today the topic was “Automation and SaaS”. Before my interview I thought that now I am in SaaS development since, more or less, four years. I learnt a lot of stuff… and still learning.

After dinner I had time and I started to write an article for my blog about “Securing a Minimal API with Auth0”.

I think I will finish tomorrow in the early morning.

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Woke early and checked the results of Network Guardian during the night. I found another bug and I fixed in a few minutes. I figured out that I did a mistake yesterday and I didn’t commit two or three fixed from my machine and this is why I had to restart another test 🙁

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This is how my desk looks like during the tests. I use my laptop with a lot of running agents. I also use PowerToys to prevent the standby of the laptop.

I launched a test with 20 agents connected.

In the meantime I finished to write the article about Minimal API and Auth0. It will be published in the afternoon.

Over lunch finally I figure out from a problem: as a Windows Service you always obtain an error if you try to connect to a local development http server with an SSL Certificate. I think because the certificate is valid for the user and not for the entire machine: lesson learned.

In the afternoon I release the latest version to my team and I also published the first review of the documentation built with Docusaurus and an Azure Static Web App.

At 17:00 in the afternoon we went live for the Microsoft Build 2022 Watch Party with UgiDotNet.

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In the late evening I published a blog post about “Securing .NET 6 Minimal API with Auth0”. This is my first post about Auth0 as an Ambassador and I was excited! 🙂


This is the link of the post: https://dev.to/kasuken/securing-net-6-minimal-api-with-auth0-4h5f

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Nothing special. Just working on Network Guardian.

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In the morning I worked on Network Guardian and I have released a new update.

In the middle of the morning I did a quick live with BeConnected friends about Microsoft 365 Extensibility.

It was a kind of trailer for the next event in June. It will be an hybrid event. It will be place in Bologna, Italy.

In the afternoon I helped a friend of mine and ASPItalia community as the producer of the event called “DevConf 2022”.


I also delivered a session about Docusaurus. One of the my latest addiction of the development trend. Docusaurus is a website that you can customize very easily to documenting your project or product. It’s very easy to use and it’s based on React.

I will share the video in the next week.

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I was in Rome for the BlazorConf 2022: an event about Blazor that I helped to organize since a while. This is the second edition and this is the first edition in person. We did good numbers about engagement because we have a lot of people at the location and connected online (yes, I think hybrid events are the future).

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More info about the event will come in the next weeks. By the way I also recorded a short podcast for a italian famous podcast about .NET and the development world in general.

This is me before the keynote:

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This is me during the keynote:

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