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June 3, 2022


I started the morning updating the documentation website of Network Guardian. I also invited my colleagues to install the agents on their machines to start to make big tests of the product. Let’s see how are the feedbacks from the installations.

I had a lunch with other startup guys in Milan because the program of our accelerator is started and they had organized a lunch together.

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In the afternoon I worked for Network Guardian. I published everything again in the right app service on Ayure and I have updated the documentation website.

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In the morning I started to arrange the first installation for a customer for Network Guardian. I will do it on Thursday morning.

After lunch I started to work on a side project for my team about security and Azure. We want to automatize a flow with an Azure Functions written in PowerShell and a Json file hosted on a blob storage.

I have to learn a lot of stuff about developing with PowerShell and debugging with Visual Studio Code a remote Azure Functions. I think I will have a lot of material for a blog post or a series of blog posts.

In the early afternoon I published a new blog post about DevToys: a set of tools for developers in a single application.



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I spent half a day to install and configure the Azure Tools on my machine to develop an Azure Function for a small product and to install nodejs with NVM (node version manager). Our machine at SoftwareONE are very restricted from the security point of you and it’s not easy to install something like these tools on our machine. I asked for help to the IT Service without success. At the end I solve everything by myself and I added a new entry on my content calendar with the title “how to install NVM without the admin rights”. It’s possible but it’s a little bit tricky. I will write something as soon as I can.

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I started the morning to work on the Security Toolbox. It’s a small program to manage the Azure Policies “automatically”. I began to “translate” a PowerShell script to an Azure Function written in C#. I started to write the Azure Function with PowerShell but it’s very hard to debug remotely. This is the reason why I switched to C#. I almost completed the first part of the script.

In the middle of the morning I did the first call with a customer about Network Guardian. It went very well and the customers needs more days to organize himself.

After that I did a call to update a colleague of mine about the status of the Security Toolbox.

What a crazy day 🙂

After lunch I published a post about how to install NVM without admin rights from my latest experience. I hope it should helps someone else in the future.



In the late afternoon I did the first call with my LinkedIn coach to start to plan my course activities. I will ask to my content manager if I can create a kind of biweekly updates on my blog about my journey as LinkedIn Technical Instructor.

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Day Off 🙂

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