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June 26, 2022


Day Off

Mood: 😪


Day Off

Mood: 😪


This morning I came back to work after two days of doing nothing. I didn’t have too much energy to start the day, but my morning routine helps.

I started the morning to working on the new project for a customer that I mentioned the last week. It’s an Azure Functions to automate the Admin Consent of Azure Apps Requests. I did a lot of refactoring on Red Origin to implement these features. I implemented the project in the Red Origin project, but you are able to install this functionality as a standalone project. I think it’s more easy to install just this extension instead of the entire Red Origin product.

One of the challenge today is to understand how Log Analytics Workspace on Azure works. To send logs is very easy with a NuGet package, but I have to understand better how it works behind the scenes.

By the way, it’s unexpected today, but I finished this implementation for the customer and first of all for Red Origin. I will share with my colleagues on Friday morning.

Before the end of the working hours, I published a blog post about Azure Function and how to debug timer triggered functions locally.


This is the link of the post: https://dev.to/kasuken/how-to-debug-a-time-trigger-azure-function-locally-2850

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I woke up this morning with a good news. I received the Four Year Club badge on dev.to 🙂 I remember the day when I joined the community!

Image description

Now I have a lot of badge!

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I spent a lot of hours for writing a good blog post about my journey as LinkedIn Technical Instructor. I also asked the review for the first draft to my content manager and she said “it’s cool”. This is the preview of the banner of the blog post.


I think I will release this post on Monday morning.

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Look what I found this morning in my mailbox!

Image description

Of course I wear the t-shirt in this moment because I will have a speech at 12:00 and I will show it to the attendees! 😀 I also attached the astronaut sticker on my private laptop.

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At the beginning of the morning I finished to prepare the material for my session about Azure Static Web Apps, Visual Studio Code and GitHub Actions. I will do it after an internal meeting about Red Origin and other implementations for a customer.

This is the cover of my session slide deck:

Image description

In the afternoon I worked on Red Origin to remove all dependencies from username/passwords and other security breaches and I tried to use only managed identities.

In the late afternoon I published a new blog post about my default structure of .NET Projects.


This is the link of the article: https://dev.to/kasuken/net-project-folders-structure-36o8

I think writing this article took me 15 minutes but it’s very useful!

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