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July 10, 2022


I started the week to work on my productivity workflow. I decided to reorganize my Notion from scratch and I tried to find inspiration from the book “Building a Second Brain” by Tiago Forte and other online Notion templates. It’s an hard work but I learnt a lot of stuff about Notion.

I called my template “Digital Garden” and I think the next week I will publish on Gumroad.

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In the afternoon I did an estimation for a new project for a customer and I did a call with one of my colleague to talk about it.

Mood: 😪


Still working on Notion template for my productivity workflow.

In the meantime I took a look to the Network Guardian collecting data for a Customer. I discovered a lot of “issues” and I will work on them the next week. There a lot of problems about disconnection and reconnections during the collecting data phases. I have to manage that in a better way.


In the afternoon THE email is arrived. I have been awarded for another year as a Microsoft MVP and I am very proud of myself, honestly. You can find more info about in on my blog post: https://dev.to/kasuken/i-have-been-awarded-for-9-years-in-a-row-as-microsoft-mvp-28a5

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Calls with customers and other annoying activities not related with the development.

Mood: 🙂


Unproductive day because of the Long Covid. I didn’t close any tasks during the day.

Mood: 😢


I started the day with a new feature implementation on Red Origin. It’s not really a new feature because I have implemented this function a few months ago, but it’s more or less a rewriting and a reorganization of the code. But I decided to implement the function from scratch again, based on my previous experience on that.

I also finished two more Notion templates: a call for papers template for speakers and a content calendar template.

I will share them next week.

Mood: 😊

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