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October 16, 2022


What a start! Woke up early, as always.

I made the payment for our new company creation “Brandplane LTD” in Ireland. I will share the official news in a few days on LinkedIn and here on my blog.

I have organized my entire week (or I tried to do it) and of course my day. Tomorrow I have a release day for an important project about a new search experience with SPFx and Azure. I will share the results here as well.

For the rest of the day I worked on this project about Azure Search and SPFx. I learned a lot of new stuff about SPFx and I also created a new entry in my content calendar to publish an article about “easy export to CSV from SPFx webpart”.

I think it will be interesting for other people who work on this tech stack.

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Woke very early because I have a lot of stuff to do. I started the morning working on the demo for the customer about the Search and SPFx.

After a while a I did a call with Marta for Brandplane about our strategy and other cool stuff for the product. Then, we did a call with one of firsts potential customers. It went very well and the offer is on the way.

Let’s see in the next few days what happens.

After lunch I had the call with the customer. The call was very fully packed. 7-8 people from the customers side joined the call. I showed the status of work and we smashed! 🙂

The customer is happy right now and we need to release everything the next week with some changes that they asked as well. 🙂

After dinner I was a guest in a podcast called “PointerPodcast”. It’s the second time in the less than one year and maybe I will be a guest another time in a short term! 😄

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In the morning I had a meeting with a colleague of mine about the documentation for Red Origin. We are very close to deliver the first version of the product and there are some stuff we would like to finalize before the first release.

I will work on the final touches.

In the afternoon I worked on some Red Origin issues and bugs.



In the morning I worked on the last scripts for LinkedIn Learning. Finally I don’t have to work on the scripts anymore and I have just to record the last 5-6 videos. I will do it tomorrow morning before the meeting with my coach in the afternoon.

In the morning I also had a meeting with a colleague of mine about my involvement in a new project as Architect to develop an API for a customer. I think I will use the Minimal API approach.

In the afternoon I had a meeting with a person from GitHub. They asked me if I would like to deliver a session for an internal event about productivity. 🙂

I am really happy about it because it’s one of my favorite topic!

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I started the morning reorganizing my activities for today and for the next week. I am a little bit delayed on the tasks.

After that, I have recreated from scratch the project for Brandplane because I have changed a little bit the stack tech. Let’s see. Now it should be better. This evening I will implement the new Auth0 authentication and the foundation for Stripe.

Then, I have checked the bugs on Red Origin and I have published a new version on our test environment.

On sunday, during my traveling to Italy for conferences I will work on the final documentation release.

After lunch I published a quick article about some keyboard shortcuts for the Azure Portal.



In the afternoon I recorded 4-5 videos for LinkedIn Learning. The course is almost finished.

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