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October 30, 2022


Woke up early because I had a lot of stuff to do this week. Starting with the project for the customer to search in the recycle bins of a SharePoint Tenant.

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I spent a lot of time to remove a lot of “promise” and try to use everywhere the async/await. The code is more clear and I have a lot of cascading calls in the project right now.

After lunch I had a call with the customer to install the solution in their Q&A environment. It went well but we have an issue in the solution because we always retrieve an empty array when the code tries to retrieve the content of the recycle bin. I will investigate on it. It looks weird.

After the call I worked on my demo for the event of tomorrow: JetBrains .NET Days 2022. The demo is ready and all the steps are in my agenda. I will work on the slides tomorrow but I don’t need a lot of them. I will do a lot of live coding.

The demo looks like the image below:

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In the late evening I was a guest in a call for a community based in the south America. We talked about how to become a community champion and other related topics. They will publish the call in a few weeks. https://ropensci.org/commcalls/oct2022-champions/

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Started the morning a little bit later than usual because I was tired. I worked on Brandplane at the beginning of the morning. I have integrated some new stuff. By the way I decided a few days ago to migrate everything to Blazor WASM Hosted. ASP.NET MVC is not the right choice for this kind of projects. I will do that in the next days.

After that I wrote down the table of contents for my course about Visual Studio Code for a new courses platform founded by a friend of mine: Improove. You find some information in the official website: https://www.improove.tech/

In the late morning I worked on Red Origin Bugs.

In the afternoon I had a call with LinkedIn Learning about the last activities before the final release of my files. I will do the final tasks tomorrow morning.

In the late afternoon I delivered my session for .NET Days 2022 organized by JetBrains.

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I didn’t like my performance during the session and after that I was really disappointed but sometimes can happen. I received some good feedbacks about my session from a few attendees but I my feelings are different.

After dinner I recorded a demo video for Brandplane.

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At the beginning of the morning I discovered how to use Microsoft Booking for scheduling demo. It’s an amazing service! I don’t know why Microsoft does not advertise this service, but it’s a common issue by Microsoft.



When I woke up I started to check the reason why the form in our Brandplane landing page didn’t work properly. I saw the error 405 (not allowed) after the postback but after a while I didn’t solve the issue. I will get back later.

A little bit before lunch I delivered a session to the CloudDay 2022 Italy Edition.


The talks was about GitHub Codespaces. It was not the first time for me at an event with this session but everytime I add or remove something new.

After lunch I worked on Red Origin’ bugs and I solved a lot of them. Tomorrow I will continue on them.

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I spent the entire morning working on the Red Origin’ Bugs. I think I solved more than 25 bugs in the UI. I didn’t touch too much the business logic but many errors came from the user interface (as always).

After lunch I published a blog post about the GitHub CLI.


You can find the article here: https://dev.to/kasuken/getting-started-with-github-cli-3dph

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