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November 6, 2022


Some difficult to have a good sleep, I woke very very early in the night. I tried to arrange my daily activities and my week activities. I also created a lot of todo entries for the new course about Visual Studio Code for Improove Academy.

Then I started to debugging Red Origin for the entire morning and beginning of afternoon and I stopped with this task a little bit before the meeting about the future of Red Origin. We are deciding if we want to proceed with the project or not.

We will take the decision tomorrow.

By the way I have learned another new thing today: how to retrieve all the information about the scopes with the Graph API in C#. I will write an article about, for sure.

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At the end of working hours I did the Hacktoberfest!!!

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Spending all the day to write down tests in Microsoft Excel. Yes… not Azure DevOps but Microsoft Excel… please don’t ask. I did and wrote down more than 100 tests.

In the late afternoon I also wrote down the strategies to give a good support level to the product.

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The first task of the day was: add Auth0 to the new Brandplane Project. Done and dusted in 1 hour.

I will create a new template for dotnet with Auth0 just implemented. I use this logic a lot of time… and every time I spend 1-2 hours to configure everything.

Then, I started to test Red Origin with different accounts permission, just for testing buttons and permissions.

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A very long day. In the morning I asked to a friend of mine to help with some architectures notice for Red Origin. I implemented Refit (https://www.nuget.org/packages/Refit) and a better way to use Entity Framework. I have a lot of technical debts about Entity Framework. I don’t use it very often and I know that it’s one of my big flaw.

I will study it much better in the next weeks.

By the way, at the end of the day I rewritten a lot of my code from the UI to the service layers.


This is the result of the refactoring at the end of the day.

I also created a timelapse during this working activitity.

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Lazy and not real productive day but at the end I have implemented two features on Red Origin. I just moved the favorites list of the Azure AD apps in a dedicated page and some minor improvements in the application.

In the late afternoon I posted an article on the blog about the Logging Level in .NET 6 projects.



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