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November 20, 2022


Woke up early because I have a lot of stuff to do until the end of the morning. After planning my entire week, I started to create (and study) the test plan for Red Origin. We are using Azure DevOps and we will use the “Test Plans” feature included in the product and licenses that we have.


Link to the documentation: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/devops/test/overview?view=azure-devops

Then I had a meeting with a colleague of mine to explain our strategy for testing with our colleagues.

Mood: 🧑‍💻


Spent the day to writing tests for Red Origin: at the end of the day we have our first 120+ tests. We sent the email to the testers in the late afternoon but they didn’t expect too much tests to do. 🙂

Let’s see how much they test.

In the late evening I worked a little bit to my Digital Garden template for Notion. I have created a demo version with some fake contents, just to show to the customers how the template looks like with some data.

Tomorrow I will publish everything on LinkedIn.

Mood: 😒


In the morning I worked on Second Brain template for Notion. I published a post on LinkedIn with the template and a 50% discount on the final price. You can find the post at the following link: {% embed https://www.linkedin.com/posts/bartolesiemanuele_productivity-secondbrain-digitalgarden-activity-6998573396468850688-Pl7S %}

I have also sent an email to all my customers (more or less 100+) where I told to them about some updates on the template and share the news about the demo content for the Digital Garden.

For the rest of the day I have created tests on Red Origin and share the final version of the test to the testers (three people in our team). We have created, at the end, more than 120+ tests but I think we can create other 30 to 40 tests more.

In the late evening I have worked on the first version of the Brandplane Quick Assessment based on AI.

Mood: 🤪


I spent many hours to work on the Brandplane Quick Assessment and I have released the first official version at the end of the day.

In the middle of the morning I had a meeting with a customer of SoftwareONE to make some decisions about the future of two projects. It went well.

Mood: 🤖


I have added some feature to the Brandplane Quick Assessment and I sent out the current version to the rest of the company. They are enthusiast about the results but I have a lot of stuff to include in the next version.

Mood: 🤖

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