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January 8, 2023


Day Off

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Day Off

Mood: πŸŽ…


I started the day, after 15 days of vacation, updating my Author Page on Amazon. Packt, our publisher, asked to us to do that. My author page is located here: amazon.com/author/emanuelebartolesi

Then I tried to figure out why our Azure Subscriptions from the Microsoft Startups Program was consuming a lot of credit without too much traffic. After a few hours of investigation maybe I found the issue. A few weeks ago I activated a third party SaaS for creating a status page for all services. This service call our endpoint every 3 minutes and I think it generates some CPU loading on our services. I tried to disable this β€œping” and I will monitor the situation in the next days/weeks.

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I spent the early morning to organize some activities for the week and for the coming weeks. After that I had a meeting with a customer to solve a problem with an API I have developed a few weeks ago to access the SharePoint recycle bins. The API obtained always a 500 generic error. I tried a lot of hours to understand where is the issue and after a while I discovered an issue with the certificate.

After a lot of investigation, I found an error in the configuration json. We missed a key to retrieve the certificate from the App Service. Lesson learned.

In the meantime I have worked for Brandplane. We changed a little bit our strategy and I need to create some new use case in our backlogs.

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In the morning I checked all the bugs for Red Origin and I solved most of them. The next week I will have an important meeting for the future of the project.

In the middle of the morning I had a meeting with my co-founder of Brandplane and we talked about a new feature for the product. I will implement the feature the next week or I will start this evening. It’s a kind of referral link to onboarding new user but invited from another user (an agency or a freelance) registered in the platform.

In the late afternoon I sent some CFP for events around Europe.

The most important news of the week is: I am the Auth0 Ambassador of the Month πŸ™‚

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I also published a blog post about how to export a certificate as base64 string.



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