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February 5, 2023


In the morning I went outside for private activities.

After lunch I have updated my post about the journey as LinkedIn Instructor.


Link: https://dev.to/kasuken/my-journey-as-linkedin-technical-instructor-14bn

In the afternoon I also had a meeting with Marta for Brandplane. This week we moved our meeting from tomorrow to today afternoon.

In the evening, to recover some working hours I missed in the morning, I worked on the Brandplane website. I started to create the website with Webflow. I bought a template from the gallery and I started to modify it. It’s my first time with this kind of tools.

Mood: 😩


Hard training morning with a failure, but it doesn’t matter. I will try next time. After lunch I worked again on Brandplane website. We will publish the website before the 15th February. Before the investor update.


After that I reorganized a lot of tasks on my todo list and I removed some old tasks and I did some quick tasks.

In addition, my blog post about the “Learning GitHub” course went out in the afternoon (I scheduled the post yesterday).


Link: https://dev.to/kasuken/learning-github-a-course-5ba5

Mood: 🙂


In the morning I created a new template for Notion to don’t forget an online course or to finish a training course, in general.


I also scheduled an email for my customers about this new template. You can find the template here: https://templates-eba.notion.site/Online-Learning-Tracker-3874da7401df4cd3921a523de6e6d8b2

In the late evening I received an email from GitHub 🙂 I have been chosen to be a GitHub Star for 2023! For the second year in a row!

GitHub Star

Mood: 🥳


A full day of meetings 🙂

By the way I posted on my blog about a new integration between Microsoft Teams and Elgato Stream Deck.


This is the link of the post: https://dev.to/kasuken/using-elgato-stream-deck-with-microsoft-teams-7hg

Mood: 🥱


In the early morning I started to work on Red Origin bugs. I solved 2-3 of them but there are other 2-3 that I was not able to replicate on my environment. On Monday I will ask to the tester how I can reproduce the issues.

After lunch I have been interviewed by Codemotion (it’s the first interview for a new series) but I don’t know when the interview will be published.

After that I did some estimation for Brandplane and I will share them with my CEO. In addition, for Brandplane, this morning we closed two-three new contracts as well.

Mood: 🥱

Are you interested in learning GitHub but don't know where to start? Try my course on LinkedIn Learning: Learning GitHub.

LinkedIn Learning

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