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February 20, 2023


I spent a few hours this morning to organize my activities for the week. It seemed like waste hours but at the end of the day I understood that it’s not. Now I have the week with a better plan and a better organization.

I have also created a new page in my Second Brain template to visualize all the tasks and activities in a calendar view. I think I will create the same view in the template and I will send an update to all my customers.

After that I worked for the rest of the day on the Recycle Bins Manager solution for a customer. I solved the 90% of the bugs and tomorrow morning I will finish with the last one. In the afternoon I will have a meeting with the customer and I want to be sure that everything works like a charm.

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I worked all day on the Recycle Bin solution for a customer. I did the installation on the customer's test environment but I wasted a lot of time to understand why I had issues in that environment and not from my local environment. After a while I discovered a difference between the implementation for local business logic and the implementation for "production"!

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I was sick today. No work at all but I had a meeting with a customer.

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My son was sick as well, so, no work for today.

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Today I tried to come back to be productive at work starting from easy tasks. In the afternoon I published a new VS Code Extension called “PowerShell Snippets for VS Code” - https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=emanuelebartolesi.powershell-snippets-vscode

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