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March 27, 2023


Yesterday afternoon I traveled to Italy to meet a company called Corsi.it. In the morning I recorded 5 videos for a course about HTML5&CSS3. It took me less time then we expected and after lunch I came back to the hotel for working on AI Tools for Branplane.

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I traveled back to home from the morning to early afternoon. I worked on Brandplane in the train and on small activities for Red Origin.

In the afternoon I went to Zurich for a meetup. The PowerShell Swiss User Group organized the meetup and I delivered a session about PowerShell and Visual Studio Code. It went well. Some demos didn't work but I used some work arounds 👷 Very good networking at the end of the meetup and during the break.

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In the morning I worked on Brandplane onboarding system. I was really tired after three days of traveling. I am not use to traveling very often and every time I fell tired the days after. I did a small refactoring of the entire code of Brandplane.

In the afternoon I released a new version of Red Origin with all bug fixes from February tests.

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Today I worked on Brandplane Configurator and more in deep about the creation of the Strategy Playbook when the user finished all the steps.

Published an article about how to debug multiple .NET Projects in Visual Studio Code. First article in the organization “This is Learning”.

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In the morning I tried to do my first GitHub certification and I failed. I started with the exam about GitHub Actions (without studying but just tried to make the exam). At the end I received the feedbacks about my errors and most of them were on GitHub Enterprise. I will study again in the next weeks. I can take the exam another time in 21 days.

In the afternoon I came back again on Twitch as a guest on Marco Minerva's channel. I enjoyed the live for almost two hours. We talked about how to implement ChatGPT in a Blazor application.

I published a new Visual Studio Extension Pack called as my article on my blog "PowerShell like a Pro". PowerShell like a Pro This is the link: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=emanuelebartolesi.powershell-like-a-pro

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