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April 2, 2023


I started the morning arranging tasks for the week. It’s always a really time consumed time but it worth.

I scheduled all the posts for the #30DaysOfAzureAI by Microsoft. Navigate here to read more about this iniziative: https://azureaidevs.github.io/hub/2023-aia

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I worked on the Recycle Bin solution for a customer. I solved an issue in my code. I made a mistake on a if statement and it compromised the search by date.

Before lunch I added an extension method to the TinyHelpers NuGet packaged on GitHub.

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In the morning we had the first call of our weekly demos for Brandplane. We wanted to start with this initiative because we think it's more easy for future customers to understand the power of our application with a short demo.

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I created a new pull request on the repo TinyHelpers. I created an extension method for Datetime. Still in review.

For the rest of the day I worked on AI Tools for Brandplane.



In the morning I worked on Brandplane Team feature. We want to group users by teams because it was a feeback from the first demos and customers. In the afternoon I had demos with Agencies and Customers in the afternoon.

In the late evening I created the draft for the session “Automate your tenant with PowerShell and Azure Functions” that I will at the end of May at Experts Live Netherlands and in September in Prague. I will work on the session when I will come back from vacation in two weeks.

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Less productive day of the week but I created a report on RescueTime to see how went this month. I can say very well. I worked more than 192 hours with a good productivity pulse value. ☺️

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