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April 9, 2023


A day in the office with the entire team. It’s always a pleasure to spend time together and at the same time it’s weird for me because I work from home since 5 years now. πŸ™‚

In the morning I move some pages and routing in Red Origin. I try to organize the solution in a better way. In addition, I started to watch a tutorial about using Playwright and Blazor for UI testing. I will implement this in the next weeks.

In the afternoon we planned our recurring calls for Red Origin. We have a bi-weekly sprint planning on Monday morning and other calls to check the activities during the week. We will start with this new setup by the end of April.

Mood: 🎯


In the morning I had our weekly demo for Brandplane and it went very well. I hope some new customers will join our product in the next days.

After lunch I created a new project on GitHub called BlazorKit.CopyToClipboard.

Basically it’s a razor library to add a button in a Blazor application to copy some text to the clipboard. The project is here: https://github.com/kasuken/BlazorKit.CopyToClipboard and it’s published on NuGet as well.


I updated the GitHub Action in my old project BlazorKit.Spinners to the latest version. This project is located here: https://github.com/kasuken/BlazorKit.Spinners

Mood: πŸš€


In the early morning I worked on a project about signing document for an important customer. After that I had a meeting for a code review and check deadlines. It went better that I thought. Over lunch I went to an office close to home to register myself as a Freelancer πŸ™‚

After lunch I worked a little bit on Brandplane but not so deep in the code, but just on administrative stuff.

Mood: πŸ₯³


Vacation in New York.

Mood: πŸ—½


Vacation in New York.

Mood: πŸ—½

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