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June 21, 2023


The first active task of the day has been the morning meeting with the I-Riide team. I shared what I have learn about Docusaurus and GitHub and some of other updates from technical point of view.

After that I clean the mess on our Azure DevOps activities for Red Origin because at 11:00 I had the meeting with a colleague to update each others about the status. Busy weeks ahead πŸ™‚

Before and after lunch I fixed some bugs and improove the Trend Topics feature on Brandplane. I fixed some visual glitches and I added some logic in the backend. Now the service returns 100 elements instead of 20. I also optimize some spaces in the page and now it’s more clear.

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In the late afternoon I had a meeting with the person with I collaborate and we took some decisions about a solution that we need to deliver by the end of June.

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My first call of the day has been with Marta about Brandplane and some new strategies about free plans for our new customers. She thought that a lot of potential new customers will not become our customers because they need to purchase the product without testing it. I will work on this new approach the next week, after the monthly release. I will do it with Stripe and some custom calls to their APIs.

After that call I had our weekly demo call and we had one person. They will buy the product by the end of the month! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ It’s an important customer for us because it’s a small bank in Italy.

I had a quick call with Dereck (I-Riide CEO) because I need some missed information about the product. We don’t have yet the features list and the use cases. I will work on it as soon as I can.

Before the lunchtime I worked on Branplane. I worked on the layout and I added a better loading screen and I reorganized the navigation bar.

After lunch I had a one hour call with the Collabdays Italy organization crew. It was the debriefing call after the event. Everything was good for the event. We got high evaluations for the sessions and for the organizations. We saved also money from the budget.

Then, I worked on my first three scripts for my new LinkedIn Learning courses about Visual Studio Code and GitHub. In the last hour of my working hours, I had the first weekly call with my LinkedIn Learning producer. She was happy about the results of the first bunch of scripts.

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I spent more or less the entire morning to understand why my slides created with sli.dev don't work anymore. I received an error during the build task but without any reason.

In the afternoon I finalized to implement one of the new feature on Brandplane called: AI Writing Studio. It's a kind of dashboard to create, edit and analyse content created by AI (or not)

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I started the morning with my therapy session and after that I had my first Brandplane monthly meeting with the early adopters on the platform. It was really productive and I received a lot of feedback as well. One hour later, I had another meeting about Brandplane but with our strategist to understand better some features and to improve some other features.

Across lunch I had my first meetup for Auth0. I was one of the guest for a meetup in Singapore. I talked about the device flow login.

My last activity of the day has been the Stars2Stars call with GitHub. This is a new format for the GitHub Stars. It's an internal call between the GitHub Stars and everyone can propose a topic. I talked about My Second Brain system and how I use it with Notion.

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In the morning I had a meeting with Dereck about the new logo design per iRiide. I think we will have the final version the next week.

Across lunchtime I wrote a post about clean up local git repositories.

Link: https://dev.to/this-is-learning/how-to-clean-up-your-local-repository-with-git-commands-531o

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Are you interested in learning GitHub but don't know where to start? Try my course on LinkedIn Learning: Learning GitHub.

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