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September 4, 2023


After a few meetings for I-Riide, I began working on the duplicates script. The goal was to optimize all queries to retrieve all the necessary entities. I reviewed the script to ensure that it only retrieved the needed fields, and with these changes, the script runs much faster. Following this, I had a call with two colleagues to review the script thoroughly, as the customer intends to launch it against some test users. During the call, we discussed the script in detail, looking for areas of improvement, and making necessary changes. We tested the script multiple times, ensuring that it was working as expected. Post-lunch, we had another meeting to discuss the upcoming launch of the first version of the script. We went through the final checklist for the launch, ensuring that everything was in order. We are confident that the first version is ready to go live and plan to launch it tomorrow.

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I recently launched a script on production to check for duplicates. During the testing phase, I discovered that whenever an event is deleted, a notification is automatically sent to all attendees. This feature is helpful in ensuring that attendees are up-to-date with the latest information.

To further understand how MudBlazor works, I created a project called passwordify.xyz. This project allowed me to explore the different features of MudBlazor, such as the ability to create custom components and user interfaces. Through this project, I gained a deeper understanding of how MudBlazor can be used in web development.

In the future, I plan to write a blog post about my experience with MudBlazor and how it can be used to create dynamic and responsive web applications. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Worked on the Azure Function to create new team in Microsoft Teams based on templates.

Published the passwordify project on the real domain and source code on GitHub.


In the afternoon tried to publish the Azure Function but I got an error. It’s about the old version of Azure Core Tools installed on my machine. I tried to update them but the error still continued to appear. I discovered that I needed to install the npm version instead of the Windows Installation. Lesson learned. I will do the same on my laptop for side projects and events.

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I published a blog post about setting up Visual Studio Code for C# development.


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I created a new page on my website for the newsletter with some information about it and about how to become a sponsor!

You can find the page here: https://www.emanuelebartolesi.com/newsletter

After lunch I started to write some user stories with a colleague of mine about the I-Riide App. We will write other stories in the next days. I asked for help because we have too much screens to describe as a user story.

After that, I had a call with the Brandplane team, about the next 15 days of development. We need to focus to deliver our next features in the next sprint.

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