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September 10, 2023


I reordered some stuff on my Second Brain on Notion and I setup my first call with my Padawan “Wannabe Speaker” for Codemotion.

In the morning, until after lunch I recreated the Red Origin project from scratch, as a Blazor Server project (it was Blazor WASM hosted) and I removed all dependencies from the UI and I added MudBlazor. I will use it for this project to make a UI better and more fluid.

After dinner I sent out my first Dev Dispatch newsletter! I hope people like it!

It was not easy to click the button “Send” the first time!


Mood: 🙂


In the afternoon, in the sparring time, I worked on one of my side project: Horoscope API. I created a website on Caard.com because I don’t want to spend too much time on creating a landing page manually for this service. Cardd is great for this kind of service and it’s really cheaper. The link is: https://horoscopeapi.xyz/ I hope the website brings me more visits and subscriptions to the API.

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Mood: 🍎


In the morning I found the issue about publishing the website with Cardd on a custom domain. You need to verify the email or it doesn’t work.

In the afternoon I did a lot of scouting on Brandplane similar product. I found a lot of things in common but a lot of the competitors have a better interface for them.

Mood: 🤘


First call mentoring a new customer for Backend development (junior developers). They have mockup, I will try to explain to them how to write user stories and manage projects.

Wrote down all the outline for GitHub Course about Visual Studio Code and GitHub.

A briefing call with Marta about BrandPlane and new features.

Mood: 😱


I finalized all the outlines for the LinkedIn Learning course about Visual Studio Code and GitHub. I fixed some bugs in the license check services in Brandplane.

I published a new blog post about building a contact form with Azure and Blazor.


After dinner I have some time and I decided to did a few easy tasks that expires the next week. I created the template for my newsletter. Starting from the next time it should be easy to create a new issue.

Mood: 🧑‍🚀

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