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April 8, 2022


Office Day with my Team! I spent the day in the office with everyone in my team. I love to work remotely, but time to time is good to see the colleagues face to face.


Arranged items on DevOps, some experiments for Red Origin.

In the evening we delivered our first episode of “GitHub Stories”. It’s a new format (monthly) where we try to tell a story about GitHub and stuff around it. We started with the first guest: Davide Mandelli. In the future we will have some sessions in italian and some sessions in english.

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I spent the morning to understand how to retrieve sign-ins information from Azure AD with the Graph API and change some business logic in Red Origin.

In the afternoon I delivered a sessione about the integration between GitHub and Visual Studio 2022 at https://vschamp.com

I really enjoy the short event! 🙂

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We received a lot of feedbacks from one of our first customer for Red Origin. I spent the morning to organize them on our backlogs and I have to plan a release date for every features.

In the afternoon I hosted a new episode of AMA for UGIdotnet. Today the guest was Luciamo Mammino and I was happy to had him in our live.



I published a new article about My Visual Studio 2022 Settings on my blog and I got a lot of shares on LinkedIn :)

{% embed https://dev.to/kasuken/my-visual-studio-2022-settings-n25 %}

I spent the day to refactor a lot of the Red Origin code. Especially I have optimized the dependency injection and fix a lot of redundant code.

I think I will continue the next week on this topic.

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