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October 3, 2023


I had a productive day helping a customer with the Graph API authentication in a Azure Runbook. I explained how to use the Azure AD PowerShell module to obtain an access token and call the Graph API from a runbook. I also helped them troubleshoot some errors they encountered during the process.


I bought two new domains for my projects: guest storm and devboxgear. Guest storm is a web app that allows users to create and manage guest accounts on Microsoft 365. Devboxgear is an desktop application with a lot of tools for developers. I also helped another customer with troubleshooting Graph API Authentication issues. They were having problems with getting the correct scopes and permissions for their app.

I also had a demo session with Brandplane with a potential customer. We also finally chose our logo for Brandplane from design options! We will reveal the new design the next week!

Guest Storm Logo


I had a call with I/Riide, where we discussed the timeline and deliverables for their project. They were happy with the progress and feedback I provided.

I also had a call with my new manager about Red Origin, our internal project that aims to create a cloud-based platform for managing and deploying applications. He told me that we will change the name to Cloud Gate, as it sounds more catchy and futuristic. He also gave me some updates on the features and roadmap of the project.

I spent some time finalizing the mockup for Guest Storm, using the logo I created yesterday. I created a simple and elegant design that showcases the main features and benefits of the app. I also created some tasks for DevBoxGear.


I had a call with a new customer who wanted to use Graph API for Intune to manage their devices and apps. I explained how they can use Graph API to perform common tasks such as enrolling devices, assigning policies, installing apps, and reporting on device status. I also showed them some examples and best practices for using Graph API.

I also had another call with Brandplane to create a new approach for topic creations. They wanted to improve their algorithm and user experience by adding more options and filters for generating topics. We brainstormed some ideas and came up with a plan to implement them.

I also did a Brandplane Demo for CoreView, a company that provides cloud management solutions for Microsoft 365. They were interested in using Brandplane to create content for their blog and social media channels. I showed them how they can use Brandplane to generate topics based on their keywords, audience, and goals.

I also started to rename Red Origin to Cloud Gate in all the documents and code files. It was a tedious but necessary task to avoid confusion and inconsistency.


I created three repositories for Guest Storm: one for the landing page, one for the documentation, and one for the web application. I used GitHub as my version control system and hosted the landing page and documentation on GitHub Pages. I used React as my front-end framework and Firebase as my back-end service for the web application. I also wrote some basic code and tests for the app.

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