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April 18, 2022


This morning I was tired because yesterday I ran my first marathon in Zurich 🙂

I started the morning with our first “look back meeting” with all my team. It’s a 25 minutes call with a kind of retrospective of the two weeks before. It seemed good from my point of view. I didn’t have feedbacks from the other guys.

In the morning I blogged about my setting for the Logitech Brio.

{% embed https://dev.to/kasuken/best-settings-for-logitech-brio-4k-j2b %}


Finally today I finished a big refactoring of Red Origin. I have a lot of naming for database entities. I postponed this activity for a lot of months, but on Friday I started to work on it. More or less 12 hours of work.

In the afternoon I also created a document with a lot of screenshots for Red Origin. A customer ask them for an internal presentation. Fingers crossed. 🤞

In the late evening I worked on the startup Oscar. I implemented the new UI for a lot of new sections of the app.


Woke up early in the morning tried to catch up on some of the backlog. Failed 🙂

Worked on two new features for Red Origin but the tasks are more hard than I thought at the beginning.


Nothing special. After lunch I had our retro meeting for Red Origin. A lot of news and lot of stuff to do in the future.

I thought from the next week I will start to stream on Twitch again while I will work on Red Origin. I will share my screen time to time, but not for the entire morning.


Holiday 🙂

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