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April 22, 2022


Holiday 🙂

By the way I spent a lot of hours writing one of my last three chapters for the book for Packt.

In the evening I scheduled my next AMA for UGIdotNet with Fabio Franzini.

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What a day! I started the morning with a lot of energy even if I didn’t sleep a lot because of my son. In the morning I went live after a while on my Twitch channel 🙂 Finally!

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Follow me on my channel: https://twitch.tv/kasuken

During the live I have refactored a lot of code of Red Origin. It’s very hard to switch from a PoC to a Production Ready Product, every-single-time.

In the evening we went live with our montly meetup with the community Blazor Developer Italiani. It was great, as always. I love having a lot of new people that want to share their experiences.

{% embed https://youtu.be/8Zrt66RQFx8 %}

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I started the morning to write down a few page of the book about Minimal API for Packt. After that I went live on Twitch for the second time this week with the co-working streaming.

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A lot of new people and a lot of interactions. I did a lot of refactoring and change something in the UI. Now it looks better than before.

After lunch I finalize my table of contents for the LinkedIn course about “Learning GitHub”.

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Normal day. Nothing to share.

In the afternoon I went live for the “AMA” show for UgiDotNET. We talked about the PowerPlatform with Fabio Franzini.

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Another great day 🙂

Started the morning to write down some words on my book about Minimal API. Then I started to work on Red Origin but in the middle of the morning I received an email from my manager with a new good/bad news: we have to work on an high priority project/product BUT we need the first prototype for the next week 🙂

Welcome to my job.

With another member of the Blazor Community, we have started to work on a project on GitHub: Blaster. It will be a state manager for Blazor.

{% embed https://github.com/kasuken/Blaster %}

In the afternoon I received a great news! I got nominated as “Auth0 Ambassador”! 😀

Yes, it’s another achievement for this year. I will write a detailed article at the beginning of the next week!

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