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February 28, 2023


Today I went to Bern for our Montly Breakfast meeting. It was weird because it was the first one with our new manager. Our previous manager decided to do a step back and he is our colleague again.

The location was very nice. On the top of Bern but very easy to arrive with the public transport.

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I went to Italy to found our new subsidiary for our startup. I left Zurich, changed the train in Milan and went to Bologna. I met my co-founder Marta and other two partners. We spent time together in the afternoon, after lunch, and Marta and me went to Padova to meet our lead social strategist. In the evening we went to Vicenza (Marta and me) and we worked together again.

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I worked in the morning from Vicenza and I worked mainly on Brandplane. I added a couple of AI tools and I reorganized the navigation bar to group these tools together.

Then, I left Vicenza for coming back to Zurich. On the train I studied a lot OpenAI from the official documentation and I took a lot of notes on my Notion.

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I was a little bit tired after three days far away from home. By the way I worked a little bit on Brandplane and in the afternoon I did a call about the onboarding system. We need to rearrange everything on this special feature. We will work on it in another meeting the next week.

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In the morning I recorded a demo video for Corsi.it. I checked if everything works on my machine and if the settings are good or not for them. I wait a feedback from them.

For the rest of the day I worked for a new project as freelance. The project is an API (an Azure Function with a lot of endpoints) but the name of the customer is under NDA.

I will publish some posts about Azure Functions and API in the next few weeks.

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